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Click on the images below to watch or download the webinar and the quick guide for knowing the 7 common pitfalls to overcome.

Marketing To Architects Webinar Recording  Marketing To Architects quick guide of 7 common pitfalls to overcome for marketers

Click on the image below to open and download the Marketing To Architects and Demystifying Specification Sites presentation decks.

Marketing To Architects: Overcoming Common Pitfalls Presentation Deck 
Demyistifying Specification Webinar Presentation Deck

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Webinar Overview
Megan Kacvinsky, Point To Point, CEO (Moderator)
Jake Kellogg, Point To Point, VP, Strategy
Martha Capps

Getting the attention of an architect is no simple task. They’re a heavily sought after audience with discerning tastes about the content and brands they interact with. Even harder than getting an architect’s attention - keeping it. 

So what’s a building materials marketer to do? In this session, we shared how to overcome common pitfalls of marketing to architects. Learn how to capture their attention & keep them engaged. 

Topics include:

  • Identifying and targeting the right architects
  • Messaging approaches
  • Engagement tactics