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Failure in the Balance

Though LOCTITE® is the global leader in industrial adhesives, there are still untold opportunities to gain share against their biggest competitor—mechanical fasteners—that leak, rust and ultimately ... Fail. The answer of how to competitively approach traditional fasteners came down to one core message, “Have you ever thought about using glue instead of a screw? If you haven’t, you should.”

LOCTITE's global relaunch of their flagship product, Threadlocker, provided an excellent opportunity to address engineers and maintenance repair operators who are generally skeptics. LOCTITE wanted to go deeper than run-of-the-mill product claims. So like scientists conducting experiments to prove out a theory—the hunt was on for the next big idea.

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We went deep into a mine in California, lifted two identical 3,000 pound loads, 130 feet in the air with 712 pounds of force. One load was fastened with Threadlocker 243. One load was not. It only took 45 seconds for the load that was secured only with an industrial screw to come crashing to the ground. Demonstrating on a macro scale the types of micro failures that MRO engineers face every day.


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