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We turn Industrial Manufacturing from a buyer's market to an engineered demand market.

With millions of industrial products to sell and some 250,000 manufacturers to buy them, engineering demand takes a very specific set of marketing skills. We have them. We help you find and engage the right buyers, navigate erratic buying cycles and overcome pressures on brand loyalty.

Buyers of industrial products range from engineers to procurement officers to plant managers, and nothing alienates them like addressing them all as one group. Understand the critical differences between buyers with:

  • Quantitative Research that provides decision-making data on buyers and their behavior.
  • Qualitative Research to gain insights into their views of category, work and your brand.
  • Market Analysis to identify larger industry trends and opportunities. 


With so many different buyers, the buying cycle in industrial products can range from years long to incredibly short—sometimes as little as a few hours for critical repairs. To remain top-of mind through any buying cycle, you need to leverage a range of marketing tools:

  • SEO to help you stay relevant and keep you at the top of buyer searches.
  • Marketing Automation to remain responsive whenever your buyer is ready to engage.
  • Analytics that provides data to help you adjust as buyer behavior and market conditions change.

As buyers constantly search for faster and lower cost solutions to meet their needs, many industrial products manufacturers find themselves driven toward commoditization. Maintaining brand loyalty and reinforcing your value in the midst of this requires you to:

    • Support Distribution with training and lead gen to keep channel(s) engaged and supportive.
    • Leverage Social Media and Product Evangelism to reinforce buying decisions and the value your buyers place on you.
    • Build the Brand with higher-level value propositions to balance price and delivery as decision points.

Let us engineer demand for you.

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