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Satisfying food manufacturers’ need for engineering demand and shaving pennies.

Everybody needs food. So why isn’t B2B food product marketing easier? Your marketing needs to support razor-thin margins, navigate large buying groups quickly, generate leads earlier and anticipate consumer taste changes.

As the food industry consolidates, the pressure to drive costs lower and production higher grows, too. Which means there’s similar pressure on marketing. You can be successful with a mindset of continuous improvement and efficiency and a program that allows you to:

  • Differentiate content to show buyers you understand and address their needs.
  • Make it easy for buyers to get the information they need, when, where and how they need it.
  • Respond quickly to be sure no opportunity is missed.

Food products buying is a group decision with each member of the group influencing the final decision. To address the needs and triggers of the whole group, your marketing needs to:

  • Address buyer challenges and guide marketing activity with comprehensive buyer personas.
  • Provide content that speaks to multiple audiences and multiple needs.
  • Test and improve lead sources to target—and reach—the right prospects.

Read our whitepaper on how to understand and reach foodservice buyers ›


Perhaps more than any other B2B category, food products reflect consumer tastes. Companies who anticipate those tastes can gain a significant competitive edge—if they can maximize that knowledge through marketing. To do that, you need to:

  • Demonstrate thought leadership by sharing your perspective of consumer tastes and the opportunities they present.
  • Leverage data related to evolving consumer tastes to guide future marketing activity.
  • Embrace social media to understand consumer conversations and how they may impact your brand.

Let us engineer demand for you.

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A Recipe for Foodservice Marketing Success

Understand the many faces of foodservice buyers—and what it takes to reach them.

Read our whitepaper on how to understand and reach foodservice buyers ›