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Launching a premium product in a category that doesn’t buy premium.

How the launch of the new Quad® MAX established a whole new value prop for the OSI brand.



Launch an updated, more premium product in a highly commoditized category to a highly loyal existing user base and an entrenched distribution network.




Contractors stick with products that help them cement their reputations with homeowners, so getting them to change means proving to them that change is worth it.


Distributors devote precious shelf space only to products with a proven ability to sell.




In-store Displays

Our in-store effort was designed to differentiate both the brand and the product and make it easy for contractors to understand product attributes and benefits at point of purchase—which helped distributors understand just how popular this brand could be with their customers.


Roadshow Experience

We packed a 53-foot big rig packed with hands-on product demonstrations and drove it to key distributor locations and events around the country, logging 54,220 miles and 192 stops over the course of the first year. The roadshow allowed contractors to experience the performance benefits of the new product firsthand, and their enthusiastic response helped distributors realize how powerful the pull of this new product would become.




Demo Kit

You can’t take a big rig everywhere with you. But a hardshell case full of demos? That you can take right to the source. We built this kit to make it easier for our reps and sales people to take our product performance story directly to contractors and distributors.

Email Program

Contractors live on their mobile devices. So we did, too. We designed an email program that both promoted the new Quad MAX and the extended the brand voice and performance attributes—OSI is Tougher Than The Elements—beyond the product to more lifestyle-oriented content, including video.



The Quad MAX product launch was the most successful in OSI's 50+ year history.

Production capabilities had to be increased to meet demand.

The demand created among loyal users increased opportunites for strategic partnerships with related products (such as windows and siding).