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Engineering Demand for building products brands for 20 years.

The building products industry is a complex mix of influencers, channels and end users. Nobody is better than us at untangling that mix and engineering demand. We act on trends that define new opportunities and optimize through insights, content and technology.

Influencers are as close to the buyer as you can get. They’re weighing many of the same things the buyer weighs: price, quality, value. And they can be anybody—a specifier, a strategic partner, even a consumer. So finding them and influencing them is challenging. You’ll need to integrate lead generation with:

  • Brand strategy to articulate your competitive points of difference.
  • Research to uncover insights that drive influencer engagement.
  • Public relations and paid media to make influencers aware of you.

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The channel can be a strong ally in building preference for you—if it is confident your products will move. To get the most out of your channel, you need to address its key challenges with demand-building initiatives:

  • Loyalty programs that reward and create preference for products.
  • Training to help the channel and its customers understand and use your products most effectively.
  • Content that makes you an indispensable resource at every point in the buying cycle.

End users are concerned with everything from ease of product usage to long-term performance that can impact their reputation. That means they’re scrutinizing brands like never before. To create pull-through preference you need:

  • Segmentation strategies to prioritize end users that present the highest opportunity for demand.
  • Research programs that identify opportunities to respond to unmet needs.
  • Marketing automation that promotes higher engagement and manages leads.

Let us engineer demand for you.

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