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The Challenge.

Architects and designers previously had not seen or believed in the design potential of elevators—they saw a metal box that goes up and down. To help them envision elevators as a unique, designable space enhancing their overall design concepts, we teamed up to launch the Schindler 3300 MRL elevator, making a new impression and elevating how they think about the whole category.

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The Insights.

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Architects and designers
rely heavily on the web
for inspiration, continuing
education and
product specifications.

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As visual artists, the
A&D segment is driven by
design and they don't see
value in engaging with
non-designable spaces.

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Supporting the Schindler
sales force required
surrounding the A&D
community with
messaging tailored to
the buyer’s stage in
the path to purchase.

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The Solution.

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Develop a highly targeted
media plan of web-based
and direct properties
marketing to architects
and designers on their
own turf.

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Draw on the target’s
creative mindset to both
challenge and inspire
them to take another look
at the elevator space.

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Create customer
engagement solutions
through experiences
that enable them to
engage in their own
design exploration.

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The Results.

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Drove 500 qualified
leads in the first five
months of the campaign.


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Increased awareness
and specification for
the 3300 resulting in
significant sales.


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Viewed as one of
Schindler's most
successful product