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Flavorseal — a food processing and food packaging company — reached out to Point To Point to increase their website traffic, drive more organic growth, and generate an increase in sales leads through educating food processors with engaging content through a data-driven digital marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimization

To significantly increase search engine visibility, Point To Point made substantial changes to update and optimize Flavorseal’s website content for a dynamic lead generation program. Flavorseal captured more high-volume keywords and ranked higher, producing more opportunities for organic traffic with gated content that identified who accessed the content, directing appropriate sales outreach to those most interested in Flavorseal. Which is exactly what they needed. And exactly what happened.


Email Nurturing

Increasing growth for Flavorseal also came in the form of email marketing. As a way to generate more relatable content that prospects were actually searching for, Point To Point created and sent three email newsletters from June through December. Keeping Flavorseal top of mind for prospects resulted in record open rates, enabling Point To Point to design content that was narrowed to prospects’ focus as a way to segment leads by interest.


The Results

When Flavorseal and Point To Point teamed up, the goal was to increase leads and emerge as the leader in food packaging and processing that delivers a competitive edge. Point To Point helped Flavorseal reach a wider audience and establish a stronger online presence with a greater understanding of their clients. The results are clear.