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Infographic about the 7 Crucial Steps for BPM Marketing in the New Economy by Point To Point

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2021 BPM Study Webinar Deck                    2018 AIA Architects Journey to Specification report

Additional AIA reports and resources: https://together.aia.org/

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Webinar Overview
Megan Kacvinsky, Point To Point, CEO
Rebecca Grounds, AIA, Sr. Director, Corporate Partnerships
Dave Gensler, Centro, Sr. VP/Client Development

We conducted a study focused on the building products industry assessing how companies approach strategy, organization and execution, providing a lens into the nuances of marketing in the segment. This session offer insights into key trends impacting the industry and ideas for how you can influence your organization to respond to current market realities.

Afterwards, you'll be able to confidently share how and why:

  • The digital era is here and scaling quickly
  • The BPM industry is moving too slowly
  • Measurement is lagging and driving high acquisition costs