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BPM Study Quick Hit: Why BPMs Are Increasing Budgets To Increase Share

First in a series of posts looking at results and insights from our study of building products marketers

When we joined with the American Institute of Architects and Centro to commission a proprietary study of building products marketers (BPMs), one of the first things we wanted to understand was what companies’ B2B marketing budgets are as a percentage of total sales. Let’s take a quick look at what we learned.

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BPM in the New Economy - Find Out How You Compare

Proprietary study of building products marketers leads to valuable insights

The digital evolution is here, bringing with it more sophisticated marketing channels and wealth of customer data. Meaning marketers in the BPM segment are under increased pressure to show impact. But BPMs are moving too slowly to respond, measurement is lagging and the industry is paying too much to acquire new customers.

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Marketing Steps To Take After Apple’s Latest iOS14.5 Platform Update

The moment has arrived. Apple is the first major platform to go into enforcement mode of privacy notification rules. Apple now requires that app users must see a pop-up that asks them if they want to allow an app to track them or not. This is a landmark time in 3rd-party tracking technology with 6 out of 10 people in the United States being Apple users running iOS.  

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3 Specification Megatrends Every BPM Marketer Needs To Know

Even before a pandemic rocked the world, there was a healthy dose of invention already taking place in manufacturing. Much of the discoveries were steeped in the building industry’s awareness of renewable resources around recycling waste and energy reducing materials. Post-pandemic, we can expect this to grow even more.

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3 Things To Know About Google’s Latest 3rd-Party Tracking News

Since posting my “3 Actionable Steps To Take Now To Address A Cookieless Future” blog on March 4, the news surrounding the demise of 3rd-party cookie tracking online has only increased. How we and our clients prepare is vital to finding scalable solutions now rather than later.

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3 Actionable Steps To Take Now To Address A Cookieless Future

Ready or not, how building products and manufacturing marketers target audiences and collect digital campaign analytics is changing more in the coming year than it has in the last twenty years. The gist of these changes revolves around the end of 3rd-party cookie tracking technology as we know it, which has been a staple for the industry since the 1990’s. 

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