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Have an influence—What successful B2B marketers will be doing in 2020.

We brought a panel of experts together for an exclusive event to discuss the top trends to be prepared for in the coming year. According to them, one to watch out for is influencer marketing.

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Voice Search Optimization: 9 Strategies to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

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7 Proven Ways CRM Systems Boost Business ROI

Nine out of 10 companies in North America with more than nine employees now have CRM systems in place to help manage customer relationships.

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Subjective and Objective Marketing: B2B Marketers Need Both

It’s still true that, in B2B marketing, there’s no substitute for experience. But in 2019, effective marketing takes more than experience. Today, the most effective marketers are combining what they know about customers with factual data on what they or others like them are doing next.

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Implementing CRM Systems: The Benefits of a Data-Focused Approach

Chances are you’ve devoted considerable time and money to selecting and setting up a customer relationship management (CRM) system. But, with onboarding being completed, have you gone back and taken a look at how thoroughly you’ve implemented the system?

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7 Proven Ways CRM Systems Boost Business Results

On its face, marketing segmentation seems to be a study of contradictions:

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