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Build B2B Engagement with a Marketing Campaign

As we’ve discussed recently, brands can strengthen their hold on customers with a brand identity: this is the combination of characteristics that makes the brand attractive, special and memorable to its customers.

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How to Combine Content to Engage Audiences

From blogs to infographics to video, all forms of marketing content should be able to do three things: Create a meaningful difference for the brand, attract and retain interest from target prospects, and build deeper connections with these prospects through ongoing, related messaging campaigns.

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What Makes Customers Connect with Brands

Think about some of the most successful brands in history, and you’ll find a common thread: each of them has developed a specific identity and story to make a connection to its buyers.

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Add These Elements to Your Next Marketing Automation Campaign

Forbes magazine recently reported that the marketing automation software industry could reach $7.63 billion by 2025 and grow at a CAGR of 13.3%, according to a study by Grandview Research.

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The Many Dimensions of Paid Search

The beauty of paid search as a component of the digital ad campaign is that it helps put a brand’s message in front of the right audiences at the right times. And achieving that sense of clarity in terms of reaching the right audience is especially valuable for B2B organizations that want to test different messages with their audiences to see how they perform.

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Using Website Analytics to Drive Marketing Strategies

Research from Dun & Bradstreet and Forrester indicates that only about 50% of the marketing decisions made by B2B organizations are based on some sort of quantitative analysis, versus their gut-based intuition.

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