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Megan Kacvinsky

Megan Kacvinsky
With more than 13 years of experience, Megan is responsible for leading Point To Point’s account and media groups, diversifying the agency’s capabilities and driving overall growth efforts and operations. She maintains a key role in developing client marketing strategies and overseeing all program creation (from conception to implementation to results). Megan is a recipient of the “Women of Professional Excellence Award” from YWCA Greater Cleveland and is a member of the Beaumont School Board of Directors.

Recent Posts

Insights To Being Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Embrace uncertainty to establish trust in strong personal working relationships

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Creating Human Connections Through Your Computer Screen


Being a human is hard enough these days, the world feels like it is in a constant state of chaos. Which makes us all crave the meaningful interactions which can be so hard to foster in the era of social distancing. So how can we be more creative about how we foster more unique engagement while staring into the computer screen? Here are some unique ways you can show your customers you care about them and want to create a strong, supportive relationship while working remote.
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Marketing in a Time of Hyperbolic Change

Hyperbolic change mandates a new reality. The days of annual marketing plans that are written in August, presented in September, finalized in November and executed from January to December are gone. Here’s our guide to managing change for B2B marketers.

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4 Ways to Help Manufacturing Marketing Professionals Respond to COVID-19

Communication professionals in manufacturing companies have been uniquely tasked with managing new and inventive strategies for internal and external communications.

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3 Keys to Change Management for Marketing Teams

It’s trite, it’s cliche, but it’s also true—the only constant is change. And change is hard. But it can also be super empowering, liberating, educational and gratifying. So it’s worth it.

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Why Email Marketing Still Matters to Building Products Brands

LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Vine, Instagram, Periscopeand the list goes on and on. With all these ways to connect, it looks like email is on it’s way out, right?


In fact, more people use email today than ever before. Which is great for building products brands that need to connect with their audience. According to a recent report, more than 3.8 billion people have email accounts.

Whatever the channel, each digital connection still depends on great content and context. Remember what we said here? If the email is not tailored or educational, it will have hard time breaking through no matter what stage the buyer is in. And the only way to ensure the content is tailored is to always, always, know your audience and approach email marketing as a part of an overall Inbound Marketing strategy.

Here are five more reasons why email still matters to the building products industry:

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