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Why New Building Products Need Built-In Data Analytics

Curious about the state of new product development and what it means for those selling building materials, I recently attended Industry 2017, an annual fall conference organized by Product Collective, a Cleveland-based cooperative organization that’s focusing on the future of product management.

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Creating Trade Show Customer Engagement If You’re Exhibiting or Not

The promise of the trade show, for some building products manufacturers, is beginning to lose its luster. As a demand generation agency, we hear conflicting views about the pros and cons of the trade show exhibit as a way to increase demand.

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How to Increase Market Share in the Construction Products Segment

Take it.

You heard me: Take it. In the quest to market and sell construction materials, take ownership of the additional market share that your organization deserves.

And, take on a level of organizational growth that’s greater than the industry’s overall.

We can look to the U.S. economy for perspective. While we are not in economic doldrums, we certainly aren’t in a boom either. The U.S. economy is projected to grow , according to estimates from the International Monetary Fund.

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