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Meet the New B2B Buyer

Can you recall how you used to get from one location to the next prior to GPS? I mean beyond relying on the help of clunky maps, gas station attendants and pay phones, do you remember the specific experiences you had and journeys you took? Rarely were they the most efficient, or even worse, the most accurate of potential paths. Thankfully, today’s technology creates a more efficient journey and because of it, our experience is vastly different.

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Your Product May Be Spec'd, But Will It Get Installed?

Part of the Architect Series From Point To Point

The architect’s specification may be the first hurdle for your product, but there are others, from cost to availability and even relationships. This third video of our architect series examines what happens as a spec becomes a final build, and the implications for building products manufacturers.

Miss either of our first two videos from the Architect Series? Find out what inspires architects during the design process and what they look for when creating a specification.

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