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Neuromarketing: Advanced methods to understand the B2B mindset

I recently attended the 2015 Cleveland AMA Market Research Conference, which allowed me to nerd out for an entire day with market research professionals like myself.

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Getting Smart at LIGHTFAIR International

It’s time to get smart. Regardless if you prefer Mel Brooks’ classic series from the ‘60s or Steve Carell’s more recent rendition of the inept yet surprisingly successful Maxwell Smart, one thing's for sure: Agent 86 would be impressed with today’s smart lighting technology (and likely a little tongue-tied too).

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To understand your audience, you must first ask the right questions

I recently attended the 2015 Cleveland American Marketing Association Market Research Conference and loved. Every. Single. Minute. While the event featured several industry experts in the field of market research, I was especially impressed with the insights shared by David Harris, a leader in questionnaire design and qualitative research. He authored The Complete Guide to Writing Questionnaires: How to Get Better Information for Better Decisions.

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