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Marketing Basics for the Informed Marketer

If the uninformed marketer is unaware of its target audience’s interests and concerns and unprepared to effectively engage them about these things with marketing or with a buying experience for that matter, the informed marketer has many of those questions answered.

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Advanced Marketing Solutions for the “Uninformed” B2B Marketer

It’s not that surprising to hear that customer insights are the foundation of B2B marketing and sales success. What’s not as well known is how marketers can increase what they know about customers and use that information to drive their businesses.

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Moving Ahead on the Digital Marketing Roadmap

Recently we introduced the Digital Marketing Roadmap, a marketing blueprint designed to help organizations gauge the sophistication of their marketing efforts.

The roadmap has four stages characterizing the level of sophistication a marketer has reached. They begin with “the uninformed marketer” and progress to the highly sophisticated “connected marketer.”

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Assess Organizational Alignment with this Digital Roadmap

No marketer wants to believe their marketing isn’t sophisticated. But there are definite signs to show just how capable some efforts are.

One is unimpressive B2B sales growth, as we discussed in the past. Another is a lack of alignment between customers and the organization. Marketers have to succeed in cultivating audience and customer insights and in using those insights to direct the organization.

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Infographic: The Construction Labor Shortage

Since the Great Recession, strength in the construction sector has returned: building activity is projected to further grow, industry wages have increased, and unemployment is at an all-time low. But the ranks of workers who left the sector in the wake of the financial crisis have not returned, and the industry is struggling to keep up with a growing workforce demand.

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Why Even The Best B2B Sales Strategies Need an Upgrade

B2B sales organizations sometimes blame sales people for second-rate sales numbers. But in the current B2B marketplace, they may be mistaken.

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