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What Buyers Want vs. What Sales Is Giving Them

Sales priorities haven’t changed much in recent years. HubSpot’s recent State of Inbound 2017 survey reveals, most sales teams remain focused on one priority: closing more deals.

But the way they accomplish that goal has changed, HubSpot’s findings show. The annual survey of some 6,400 sales and marketing professionals from around the world sheds new light on the top sales challenges and priorities organizations are facing today.

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Digital Marketing Ideas for Targeting Contractors

The world has gone digital. In our lives and in our professions, we all reach for our laptops, tablets and smartphones to get things done.

Building contractors, of course, are no different. In the past five years, there has been a dramatic shift in how they gather information, interact with building products distributors, and purchase products. In fact, in a recent Point To Point research study of building products distributors, almost one-third of the respondents said 50% or more of their sales came from online purchases.

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Targeting Niche Builders through Content Strategy

As a general rule, building materials brands focus the majority of their marketing efforts on large-scale builders. It’s a sound strategy, as these builders can be reached more efficiently, and they ultimately deliver a higher marketing ROI.

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5 Essential Skills for Content Marketing Teams

It’s no secret that the world of Content Marketing continues to evolve, mutate and change. It seems that every time we turn around, there’s a new platform to explore or a new trend that promises to increase sales leads and improve ROI.

In 2017, the trend toward decentralizing content continues to accelerate, as marketers experiment with new channels and new opportunities within existing channels.

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5 Reasons to Invest in B2B Content Marketing

As each fiscal year passes, content marketing is becoming more and more of a necessity for B2B companies.

No longer are traditional sales tactics enough. Potential customers are doing their homework online. They’re researching vendors. They’re checking everything from blogs to LinkedIn to videos for content that will help them separate the industry leaders from the rest.

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How Service Level Agreements align Sales and Marketing

Let’s not sugarcoat it. Historically, marketing and sales teams haven’t always “played nice” in the sandbox. Marketing blamed sales for not following up on and closing enough leads. Sales blamed marketing for the lack of quantity and/or quality of the leads generated through marketing efforts. And round and round they went.

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