How Service Level Agreements align Sales and Marketing

Let’s not sugarcoat it. Historically, marketing and sales teams haven’t always “played nice” in the sandbox. Marketing blamed sales for not following up on and closing enough leads. Sales blamed marketing for the lack of quantity and/or quality of the leads generated through marketing efforts. And round and round they went.

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7 Types of Content That Will Enrich Your Website

B2B organizations create, run across and discover some of the most highly tailored, specific and exclusive kinds of content on the planet.

This content might take the form of statistics on product use from target audiences, success strategies from customers, or even new alternatives relating to how certain products can be used.

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7 Emerging B2B Marketing Trends for 2017

Everyone knows what happens to New Year’s resolutions by the end of January. Personal commitments like sticking to an exercise program or learning a new language may or may not remain in effect as the days unfold. And their staying power could depend on the return on investment you’re beginning to see.

With that reality in mind, we think some of the best business-related resolutions to make center around emerging marketing tools and technologies that are new to the territory and rising in their ranks. By adopting these strategies early, before the competition, you’re likely to see a stronger return and have fun at the same time.

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The Future of Trade Shows: Lessons from IBS 2017

It occurred to me while walking the 2017 NAHB International Home Builders’ Show in Orlando.

The bag is dead.

Every year manufacturers and attendees ask me the same question: What have you seen that’s new and different?

My answer this year is not about a new product or emerging technology, but rather the change I witnessed in attendees’ behavior.

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Make the most of the 2017 International Builders’ Show

Headed to the 2017 National Association of Home Builders International Builders’ Show (IBS) next week? That’s great news. You’ll be joining some 60,000 visitors from around the globe converging in Orlando, Florida, for one of the industry’s biggest events of the year.

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What To Do When You Need Content Strategy Ideas

It may be tempting to decide on topics for your website’s articles or blogs based on the hot, controversial or timely topics from within the industry. And while this approach may be effective on some occasions, generating views, clicks and shares, a more discerning action plan often begins with a bit of digging.

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