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We turn indifference into engagement.


  • Point To Point Was Born

    Back in 1982, Point To Point opened its doors as a small art studio in Cleveland, Ohio. With a team of talented typesetters and production artists, we quickly became a vital resource for ad agencies in the region.

  • Graphic Design Firm

    As our clients’ needs evolved, so did we. By 1992 we had grown to become an established graphic design studio, offering a wide range of service including packaging, annual reports and more.

  • Full-Service Advertising Agency

    By 2005, we had broadened our capabilities to include strategic, creative and media services. As a full-service advertising agency, we quickly started attracting the attention of well-known companies across the country.

  • Engineering Demand for B2B Brands

    Today, with deep industry expertise in Building Products, Industrial Manufacturing and Food Products Manufacturing, Point To Point is recognized as an industry leader in demand generation for leading B2B brands.

What we do—is get results

We create honest experiences for audiences at the right time and the right place.

About New-11


We don't harness technology. We engage customers—by listening and responding to analytics, and taking advantage of every opportunity.

About New-12

Brand Stories

We tell brand stories. Differently. We combine everything we learn to elevate experiences with strategy, insights, creative, and technology.

About New-13

We Track Everything

Results are everything. And being modern means using software to make sense of complexity to turn people into customers.

Leadership Team


Megan Kacvinsky



Jake Kellogg

VP, Creative Director


Michele Lucas

VP, Operations

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